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Garden Beats 2019 - Green Initiatives & Workshops



After becoming the first carbon neutral music festival in Singapore last year, we’re delving deeper with new initiatives for this edition. We’ve partnered up with Green is The New Black, ES Power, foodpanda, Revolv, Peco Bag, Avani, PUB, Citizen Farm, Utama Spice, Mural Lingo and Davelle Lee to ensure that the festival will be environmentally responsible.

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Conscious talks by GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK

Green Is The New Black is back once again as the Official Green Partner for Garden Beats 2019.

They will be hosting conscious talks at our Green Hut with renowned speakers such as Hailin Pek from Zero Waste SG and Raye Padit of Fashion Pulpit.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We are thrilled to once again team up with ES Power, our Official Carbon Neutral Partner to offset the festival’s carbon footprint.

ES Power is Singapore’s first electricity retailer providing 100% Carbon Neutral electricity.



Bring home your very own fashionable Peco Bag!
Say no to plastic and instead opt for an environmentally friendly tote bag to carry your picnic food around.

Made from recovered recycled plastic bottles, the bag is also machine washable, rip resistant and is able to carry 3 times the weight of a normal plastic bag.

reusable tin cups

Festival-goers will be able to rent a Garden Beats tin cup for a $3 fee from Revolv.

Wait are you waiting for? Head to the bar and save $1 on every drink with it.


Eco-Friendly Food village

Our Official Food Partner, foodpanda has specially curated this year’s food village to be eco-friendly and sustainable. All food partners will be using biodegradable packaging and cutleries.

Don’t worry, all your favourite food bandits will be there serving up the best dishes, including - Fat Prince, 25 Degrees, Udders, Dumpling Darlings, Don Ho and Papi’s Taco. Vegan dishes from Kult Kafe will also be available.

No single-use plastics

Taking a deep dive into green initiatives this year, Garden Beats will be banning the use of single-use plastics at the festival fields. For all those hoping to bring their picnic, please be reminded to use sustainable packaging.

Additionally, all our festival maps, guides and even posters are FSC-certified and environmentally safe.


Garden Beats is more than just music and food, there’s plenty to do with your tribe!
Specially curated workshops have been included in this year’s programme line-up as a good way to socialise and bond with everyone. We are teaming up with Mural Lingo, Utama Spice and Davelle Lee who will be hosting a variety of workshops just for you.


CRAFT Workshops by Mural lingo

Mural Lingo will be hosting a few workshops where festival-goers could get their hands dirty.
From creating your own personalised tote bags with stencil art, to participating in a live mural painting as well as making your very own colour pigments using raw pigments from various fruits, plants and foliage to create water colour paints. There’s plenty of activities to go around!

Check out their work here:

Instagram // Facebook // Website


Flower Fortress of Total Acceptance By Davelle Lee

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the festival? Step into the Flower Fortress Of Total Acceptance and rejuvenate.

Hosted by writer Davelle Lee, also the creator of Some Scuffs podcast series, take a breather in the safe space and let your mind wander.

Find them online:

Instagram // Podcast

Do-it-yourself body mist by UTAMA SPICE

Experts from Utama Spice are here to help you create your own unique natural aromatherapeutic DIY body mist.

Utilising 100% natural aromas, Utama Spice products are gentle even to the most sensitive of skins. Their body mist are agar seaweed-based and more hydrating than alcohol-based mists.

Check them out here:

Instagram // Facebook // Website

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