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SN Weekly Experiences (24 - 30 July)

Do you have plans for this week? If you do not, may I sit you down and recommend some great places to go?

If you follow us on our social pipes, you’ll know that we are hosting Le Clicquot Weekend, bubbly weekend getaway with Veuve Clicquot and The Fullerton Hotels. It’s hard to indulge in a spendy getaway because chances are you’ve already invested in Sunshine Nation goes to Bestival Bali 2017, we geddit. 

Le Clicquot Weekend 2016 at Lantern Bar (Photo credits: Colossal Photos)

Le Clicquot Weekend 2016 at Lantern Bar (Photo credits: Colossal Photos)


Solution? Just come for a cheeky Carnaval Brunch with gourmet dishes by Lantern Bar at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, Brazilian dancers, and glitter body art! Are you not entertained?! 

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Kilo Kitchen Kallang (Photo credits: Kilo)

Kilo Kitchen Kallang (Photo credits: Kilo)


Foodies, here are your options this week: Kilo brings back the 6th installment of Cooking Beats—Raíces on Thursday, 27th July with Oliver Hyde (Maggie Joan’s). Head down to Kilo Kitchen for dishes like the Taramalsata made with Squid Ink Tortilla and Nori; Wild Mushroom Casserole with Bacon and Toast; as well as Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder accompanied with a side of Zucchini Salad, Feta, and Hazelnuts. 

Or if a hearty BBQ is more to your liking, Camp Kilo’s After Dawn BBQ Block Party is for you. Good food, dope beats, local art and lots of fun activities in a daytime setting right in Kilo's front yard Kallang River Side Park.

Foodie on a budget, but still very keen chomping your way through Singapore’s vibrant street food culture? Taste all the hawker highlights at The 50 Cents Fest. Round up all your spare change cause that’s all you’ll need to experience the snacks and toys from yesteryear. For the real troopers, dress up in 80’s themed outfit because, why not?


English indie pop band, The xx has made their way across the world to Singapore as part of their I See You Tour. No doubt it’s going to be an electric show with their ethereal vocals and incredible live performance.


And finally, take a step back from our city life and admire the great works of the late Silvana Suranta. The Wild & Free Photography Exhibition captures the beauty of nature and its inhabitants. Also, profits from the exhibition will be donated to Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS). 


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