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SN Weekly Experiences (7 - 13 August)

It's National day week!

Treat yourself to Singapore Slings, music concerts and feel refreshed at outdoor yogalates!


Bastille - Live in Singapore

We are very excited to see British indie rock band, Bastille, who’s no stranger to Singapore after their show at the Singapore GP in 2016 and headlining The Coliseum in 2015. Catch them for the third time running and sing along to all their anthems.


ICS Presents: Ice Cream National Day

You’ve heard the roaring engines of F18s doing their rehearsal rounds. Now imagine all that at the grandeur with the Padang as a backdrop. Incredible. We know, and so do the Ice Cream Sundays crew. Don’t miss their National Day Special at Gallery & Co.!

It’s a special day for all you Singas, so get out, sing a Kit Chan song, and have a cocktail. Bonus points if you have a Singapore Sling.


Epicurean Market

Oh we do love this one. Go for the Epicurean Market at the Marina Bay Sands, try dishes from award winning restaurants, farmers market, and even complimentary masterclass sessions!


Justice - Live in Singapore

We are tres excited to see Justice live in Singapore and do the D.A.N.C.E!

After a whole decade, Justice is finally returning to the shore of Singapore. Treating fans to their classic hits and introducing them to the new sounds from their new album, WOMAN. 



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