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We Turn 5... Here's A Rapid Fire Interview With Our Founders


5 years ago, Sunshine Nation was born to bring extraordinary experiences to the sunny shores of Singapore. This year, we pay tribute to one of our earliest events, The Sail Spin, by celebrating half a decade of Sunshine on the Royal Albatross, a luxury cruise ship that we'll be taking our party to. So join us on our celebratory voyage across the sea!



What's a party without a theme? We're calling all sailors and sailorettes to join our nautical-chic yacht party. Come in blue and white stripes and be ready to set sail from 4-6pm on a cruise across the beautiful Singapore skyline. And once the sun goes down, so will the party. We'll be continuing the celebration with a Dockside Party (still on the ship), where you can buy tickets separately.

And providing tunes for our birthday bash will be our talented DJ friends, Orio from Fat Fish Familia(ISR), Joshua P. from CÉ LA VI Singapore (SIN), DJ Passion (UK), and Chris Deakin (UK).



We talked to our favourite boys, Alex and Bernhard, about their favourite memories and made them answer quick questions on a range of topics, some important, some not-so-much.

The Sail Spin - Highlights (Max) - 260.jpg


Your favourite Sunshine Nation memory

A: Bakermat's set in Garden Beats 2016

B: Sunsets on The Sail Spin


Your first concert

A: Michael Jackson 1997 in Vienna

B: Mine was a joint concert, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot and Disturbed, 2001 not Vienna but Austria

Go-to drink

A: Gin & Tonic

B: Spritzer. It's hard to find here, but it's just white wine with soda water

Best second date bar/restaurant

A: It’s gotta be Don Ho!

B: It’s the cocktail bar of—what’s the red hotel—Vagabond

Converse or Vans

In unison: Converse

Sunrise or Sunset

In unison: Sunset 

Snow or sunshine?

In unison: Sunshine 

Chicken rice or schnitzel

In unison: Schnitzel

Favourite show on Netflix?

In unison: Narcos

Last text on your phone, no explanation, no context

A: “sag bescheid bitte heute Abend wieviele wir sind”

B: “petty cash bank transfer cheque its ok”

Most used emoji

A: Probably ✨ I like my sparkles… And 🐷! Don’t forget the pig.

B: I’m not an emoji guy

Last played song on Spotify

A: South Seas - Ménage à Trois

B: Drinkee - Sofi Tukker


Hope that gave you a little peek into their busy minds.


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